Legal info



Chanced Arm is a collaborative publishing imprint of Smallfury Ltd. Chanced Arm was started in March 2016 by Oswin Tickler.

  • Emailing us content, gives us the right to use it in the context of the magazine. This includes online and social media. Beyond that, you retain all rights to your own work.
  • Submissions are unpaid. Those submissions that are selected, will receive 2 print copies of the publication.
  • We do look at every submission, but can't include them all. We will contact you all and let you know either way.
  • All submissions must be sent via email.
  • Any content that you send us must be your own work, or you have permission and the rights to use it in this way.
  • Due to it being printed in two colours, some alteration of imagery may occur. We try to respect the original as much as possible, while utilising the print colours.
  • When quoting someone else, please make this clear, and include the person quoted and where originally published.
  • We endeavour to credit all of our contributors. However if we have failed to do this, please let us know and we will correct this through our online platforms.