Does instagram work as a magazine digital platform?


The impact that Instagram’s extensive audience has had on products and their promotions is now widely accepted, but is Instagram a home for magazines?

Lydia Garnett, Editor in Chief of Accent magazine, agrees that Instagram magazines are a ‘cool, quick and cheap approach’ to creating a brand name and making it known. Instagram as a social platform helps to get a message across to an audience while establishing a sense of community.

Lydia believes that starting a magazine via a digital platform is all part of the beginnings of a brand, and what they go on to do next could be immense. Accent magazine is a prime example of this. It has an online presence for over five years before they released a physical product, as they believe prior exposure before is key to success.

Despite the platform Instagram provides, Lydia believes that it isn't the most successful place for inviting people to magazine events. Instagram is a place where the audience want to see images not words. Although mailing lists are very traditional, it’s thought that they are the most reliable when engaging with an audience to attend an event. When someone receives a direct email about an event they feel like it is a personal request as opposed to a generic open-to-all invite via social media.

It's worth remembering that Instagram isn't the only way of publicising a new magazine title - with no Instagram handle people have to learn to seek your title out in other ways. This doesn't mean a title will be less successful without a digital platform, but instead it allows an audience to see you in a different light. It's okay to be different.

In this era of technological development and the rise of social media, however, I believe that there will be a surge in Instagram magazines as it they provide the easiest and most accessible avenue for beginners.

Zara Arrowsmith