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An eclectic collaborative mag/a-zine designed in 24hrs
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Submission guidelines


Submit to issue 6 by 8th July, 2pm

The themed question is: What comes next?

This question can be interpreted in anyway you like, and as broadly as your imagination allows, but here are a few suggestions just to get you started:

• Life choices, fate, making decisions

• Geo-politics, protest 

• Overcoming obstacles

• Change, evolution,

• Technology, space travel

• Punchlines, stories left open ended (or without ending)

• Sci-fi fantasy / future forecasts


As always we are looking for writing, poetry, photography, illustration, comics, art or anything else that visually addresses the theme.


Who can submit?

Anyone, any age, and from anywhere in the world. The eclecticism of content is what makes Chanced Arm what it is. Please do share with family, friends, and your networks even if you aren't planning to submit yourself.

We are not in a position to pay for submissions. However, if your submission is used, we will send you 2 copies of the final publication.

Technical information


Please send us the highest resolution version of the image you have. (they have to be at least 300ppi at the print size).

Only send images that you have created, or own the copyright to. If there is any doubt. We won't be able to use the work.

If your images are too large to email (over 5mb), please use to send them



For text submissions, paste the content directly into the email, rather than send as an attachment. (we have had problems opening files in the past, due to compatibility or corruption). 

We accept work of all different lengths, however we generally recommend 750-1000 words as the longest we can include. If you would like to submit but your work is significantly longer, feel free to drop us an email beforehand.



Please include your name, country of residence (we love seeing the range of countries getting involved in Chanced Arm), and any website or social media links. This ensures we can credit everyone whose work we include.


Legal information

  • Emailing us content, gives us the right to use it in the context of the magazine. This includes online and social media. Beyond that, you retain all rights to your own work.
  • Submissions are unpaid. Those submissions that are selected, will receive 2 printed copies of the publication.
  • We do look at every submission, but can't include them all. We will contact you all and let you know either way.
  • All submissions must be sent via email (or if a large file).
  • Any content that you send us must be your own work, or you have permission and the rights to use it in this way.
  • Due to it being printed in two colours, some alteration of imagery may occur. We try to respect the originals as much as possible, while utilising the print colours.
  • When quoting someone else, please make this clear, and include the person quoted and where originally published.

About Chanced Arm


Chanced Arm is a collaborative mag/a-zine designed in 24 hours from online submissions.


Chanced Arm was conceived as a collaborative, creative space

We wanted Chanced Arm to encourage interaction and creative dialogue. It currently takes the form of an experimental single sheet mag/a-zine, published quartlerly. Content is crowd-sourced via online platforms.

We love receiving submissions from professionals, students, enthusiasts and the public alike.

The form of the mag/a-zine was inspired by old broadsides, 1960's and 70's counter-culture publishing, zines and early offset printing. Despite these influences, we try to ensure we are forward looking rather than dwell on the past, challenging the relationship between print and digital. 


In an age of growing isolationism, collaboration is a form of dissent